Friday, November 7, 2008

DrawerGeeks - James Bond

Last night me and my plus one (maritbo) swaggered on high heals on the red carpet in between lit torches in front of norways largest cinema. Ready as ever to be at our very first early premiere on a movie, ever! I was invited by a company contact and of course I accepted.

Dressed to impress we bought our popcorn and found our perfect seats in the middle of the cinama, in the middle of the row, watching the enormous dome ceiling above us. Perfect. :) I'd heard rumours about the movie being boring and such, but to me it was perfectly good entertainment. :) I've only seen one of the Bond movies I think (a shame, I know) and so I didn't have all that much to compare it with. But it did make me want to see the rest of the Bonds, so I guess thats good.

I gotta say though, one of the best moments was when a helium filled balloon, probably from some earlier arrangement, slooooowly, slowly glided down in front of the screen, putting a nice little shadow on Bonds eye, then nose, then mouth etc. It was almost magical! ;)

And as you've probably noticed I've been slacking like crazy on the drawing side, and even more on participating in DrawerGeeks, and as the theme this time was James Bond, I got my shit together and drew something. P: So go ahead, - click it.

Poor Bond.


  1. Aaaw fremdeles litt deppa for det med bilettene altså... :) Var den bra eller? Det har jeg visst glemt å spørre om. Ei jente i klassen var faktisk der hu og. ^^
    Kul tegning da! Men James Bond kan vel ikke dø???

  2. likte forresten signaturen... Bond... Muffin Bond.

  3. My favorite of the week, no doubt!

  4. Linda, han kan tydeligvis dø når det kommer aliens feilaktig inn i filmen. ;P

    Bryan: thank you! :):)


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