Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Mr. Quentin Blake. 
I'm such a big fan. 

When I started reading at the age of 5 I instantly fell in love with Roald Dahls books and Quentin's illustrations. I remember trying to read other illustrated childrens books, but they didnt appeal to me in the same way. I simply LOVED digging into Quentin's drawings, searching for details I might have missed. I loved the craziness about them, the ink and splatter, the crazy looks, feet and hands. I'm not saying Roald Dahls books are any less good, but I have to say I think the illustrations made me read them all. 

It was these illustrations that made me fall in love with drawing, I think. Also these that made me want to be an illustrator myself. 
Hopefully, one day. (:

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  1. Yes he is indeed a great illustrator! Love the bottom one Muff!!

    Btw... Makes me want a Bens Coockie!!!


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