Monday, December 8, 2008

Love for Winter

Winter in Norway basically lasts from November till April. That's 50 % of the year that is. But snow is not what it used to be. When I was a kid, it snowed in winter. There was never a doubt. It snowed in December, and we had snow Christmas Eve. It would keep snowing and we'd be outside, getting red-cheeked, jumping from the kids house in the garden, getting stuck in snow that would reach way above our heads. The trees would be covered in snow, and like old men the branches would be bent under the heavy, white weight. We'd make snowball candlelight and snowmen with carrot noses while licking on icicles picked from the frozen rain gutter.

Last year I remember thinking - what happened to winter? It rained so much in December, it felt like an overdone fall. Stretched to its limits, never wanting to let go. It rained, was windy, sloppy and cold, but just not cold enough. It was the first Christmas Eve I ever experienced without snow (or was it the year before?) Well, my point being we can't rely on winter anymore. We never know what to get. It's the new, grown up winter. My childhood snowy days are over.

This year it changed. It started snowing at a perfectly normal time. Covered the trees, making it lighter outside, beautiful, beautiful winter. Making us want to decorate the houses with stars and candles, and making it sort of easier to get up in the morning. There's just something about walking into the livingroom in total morning darkness, glimpsing with your eyes and in your tired mind discover over and over again the christmas star and a 7 armed candlestick in the window. Total coziness!
So, winter is back. :)

I was walking alone home the other day, I faced down on the white, slippery hard snow to prevent from falling and suddenly I stepped onto a black shade under the white snow. I stopped to get a better look and what it was, was the perfect shape, the perfect description of the perfect Winter.


  1. Just how I feel it too :)

  2. Beautifully written!
    My sentiments exactly... hehe!

  3. niffumen.
    long time no see.

  4. That is so cool!! Happy holidays. ;-)


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