Thursday, December 4, 2008

Why don't I have more hats?

Women Only Christmas Feast tonight. :) Age 18-82. Hats are essential.
Sounds like a lot of fun? Oh it will be. The problem, it seems, are the hats. Where do you get hats these days? What IS a hat, really? Does it have to be made from something that used to be alive? Does it need feathers? (probably.) It also seems my head is a bit larger than everyone else's, cause no hats fit me. Especially not the ones I tried in the second hand shop. People had smaller heads 50 years ago. Means I'm smarter now. Smart enough to create my own hat. Oh yes. 

I'm not gonna show you now (cause I havent made it yet, but don't worry - I have 60 minutes between arriving home from work and being at the feast. Plenty!), but here's a drawing nonetheless, I'd love a hat like that.


  1. gleder meg til å se resultatet..

  2. nice... Men det ble en litt mindre versjon enn den der på festen da:)


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