Saturday, January 3, 2009

TGT - Three Good Things

The Mountains. 
I love the Mountains. I spent a day here in the romjul (thats between christmas and new years). The view takes your breath away and the starry, starry sky at night does no less. 

New Years Eve. 
Spent at the Best Place in The World with the Best Friends in The World! 

The Perfect Dinner
Chicken with cheese wrapped in bacon. Vegetables cooked in oven, carrots, sweet potatos, squash, mushroom, onion, cherry tomatos. Yummy. Eaten with GREAT FRIENDS and finished off with 4 hours of Anne of Green Gables! Aaaaaw. Love those movies!


  1. :O Dere så Anne fra Bjørkely uten meg????!!!?? Jegskulleværemeeeeee!!

  2. none of those sound absurd or disturbing at all! In fact they sound quite delicious. What is going on?

  3. Sorryyyyy Lindaaaaa. :/ Jeg kan godt ta enda en slik kveld, jeg! Me and you honey.

    Bryan - Not EVERYTHING needs to be absurd or disturbing. ;P


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