Monday, July 6, 2009

Mah boyz.

They may look alike, but they captured my heart in 4 very different ways. :)

T-boy, you smart little man! :) I know for sure that you'll be the one that remembers me, and it makes me very happy! I noticed how you are such a good big brother, keep up with that. :)

E-man - look at that face. :] Aw, you are adorable. You may have some fist in you, but that's not just all bad, hehe. I love your laughter and although you are a leopard or gorilla from time to time, you are adorable!

Gorillaboy - What can I say. Your frowny face is the sweetst (although a three year old probably doesn't like hearing he is sweet). But sorry buddy, you are! And such a big boy, riding the bike and all. I miss your wrap-arms-around-hugs! They were the best. :)

Baby buddy O - my bestest buddy! I honestly get a lump in my throat thinking about you. I miss you, buddy. Go catch some bugs for me. ;) I loooved you screaming at them, not really daring to touch and then suddenly smack your little hand at them. Haha, so brave! ;) And we know for sure you'll be great in any ball game when you grow up.

I miss all of you very much, and I really hope I'll see you again soon!
Be good to your mommy and to each other, ok? :)

Biggest hugs from Mette


  1. Jacqueline5:05 PM

    Anthony said, "Of course I remember her!" They LOVE their pictures!!!

  2. Anonymous3:52 PM

    Awww! I love this! =D Lucky me, I get to see these little men today! I especially love the picture of "Gorillaboy". The angle is is awesome!

  3. Utrolig bra portretter!! Så skarpe og fine og de vanndråpene -WOW! Har visst ikke kommentert denne posten tidligere. Hmmm...


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