Thursday, August 20, 2009

Apple Muffin Sugar Sticky

You didn't see this one coming, did you!
A food post.
Well, I'm not one to ask twice about making muffins, and when I suggested it to myself yesterday you can guess the answer.

The thing was - I went outside in our very tiny half circled back yard and guess what I saw. We have appletrees. We do! :D And they had apples on and they were big and nice and red and green and I picked some.

Inside again, I thought about how to use these for some good. Hum hum. "What about Muffins?" I thought. Don't know why that came to my mind first. So, without further questions I decided on the muffins.

I pealed the apples.

I chopped them.

I put cinnamon, brown sugar and white sugar in a bowl and tossed it around.

I put it in a purple nicer shaped bowl, just so it would look better in the pictures.

I put the ingrediense for the muffins in a bowl.

--- OK OK. It's from a 1-2-3-muffins pack. :/ I didn't even make it from scratch. Oh well - I'm not a house wife, give me some rest. ;P ---

I poured water and butter into the mixture.

Spin, spin, spin!
Watch your clothes, you get stains. This is why you use an apron. .... Which I didn't. And I do have an apron WITH muffins on, from Anthropologie. It's so cute. :)
I'll wear it next time. :P

I made sure of no clods in the mixture. I hate clods (klumper).

Butter your muffin tin with a neat silicon buttery thing.

I put bits of the sugar sticky apples in the tin, and poured in mixture on top. Fill about half way up, ... and then a little more.

Be patient.

If you rush it, this is what you get:

Yes, Naan-Pizza. You don't want that when you expect muffins.

Although - they were good. :)

Almost there! Oh, that smell!

Let them rest for about a second or two.

Put cheese frosting on top and take a bite before you even manage to take a picture. :P
Oh yum.

Don't eat me!
(Do you see the sad Muffin-man in there? ;P)


I forgot to put this in, but as some of you may have noticed,
a certian Pioneer Woman has been the inspiration for this post.
Yup - gotta love her. :)

Go see her amazing website here.
And make sure you have an hour or five to spare.


  1. WOW!
    For det første. Jeg er dypt imponert over bildene!
    For det andre. Jeg vil lære å redigere sånn!
    For det tredje. YAMMI! Det så helt SINNSYKT digg ut.
    For det fjerde. Elsker at du legger ut detaljerte bilder av hva du gjør.
    For det femte. Hvorfor, HVORFOR! ble ikke jeg bedt på de muffinsene??

    You're my inspiration ;)

  2. Lættis!
    Jeg fikk en aldri så liten PW-følelse her nå, men jeg skal ikke si det til noen :)

    Kult skrevet, kul muffin-mann og kult med epliser i hagan.

  3. nb. gratulerer med lengste posten. ever.

  4. I am so making apple muffins this weekend!!! Those pictures are great. I love the step-by-step photos, from peeling to the apple, to pouring the mixture, and inside the oven. So creative! And I really want one NOW! :)

  5. Mette, du har misforstått! Muffinsdeig SKAL HA KLUMPER OG DU SKAL IKKE BRUKE MIKSER!

    Hihi. Hilsen muffinseksperten (eller det er kanskje cupcakes jeg lager?)

    Ellers deilig post ;)

  6. By the way, I mentioned YOU in my blog today! And that everyone should check out your muffins :)

    Cheers :)

  7. Mette; bloggen din smaker ALLTID like digg!
    Elsker hver eneste oppdatering :)

  8. Så artig at du er så kreativ :D

  9. Good for you Mette! You've inspired me! I'll be making blueberry muffins today! :)

  10. Next time I write a cookbook, you are going to do the photography. No doubt.

  11. now thats a compliment, Bryan. :) thank you!

    Hm, next time? does that mean you already wrote a cookbook? What kind? Gimme link. :)

  12. man. i SO want one of those muffins now. this has gotta be one of the best food posts ever! amazing photos, mette!

  13. I don't doubt these muffins taste great, and above all I really have to say these pictures are fantastic.


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