Monday, August 17, 2009

And what do we call this?


Yes, fellow humans, autumn is upon us.
This is not one of those *PIN-UP*, lifegiving, cute little mushrooms from SuperMario. Yes, we can all wish for it to be so, we'd eat it if it was, but no ... No, this is not a life saver, it is a life taker. Not only will it kill you (or at least make you sick to your stomach) if you eat it, it is also a "life of summer" taker. It takes summer away with a glimpse of the eye.
Yes, because one second you saw the summer and all was good, and the next second you saw this and you knew the earth and all its belongings is turning away from the sun. Towards longer nights, colder days, foggier evenings, cloudier skies.

As horrible as it may sound, autumn isn't all that bad. We can like autumn. We get to snuggle up in blankets, put fire in the fire place and live off hot cocoa. With whipped cream.
I know I do this every change of season, but I have to for my own sake. The "it's going to be ok"-defendance. Many a good thing are gone with the summer, but a lot of great new ones come with the fall.

There is always, always things to be thankful for. I know I can find them. :)


  1. No nono no NO!

    summer is still here.

    don't you dare - DARE - to tell me otherwise.

  2. Anonymous3:30 PM

    It's a beautiful picture! It's autumn there? Can I come?!

  3. For et fantastisk bilde som overskygger fullstendig det faktum at høsten snart er her! Jeg er villig til å godta det for å få bilder som dette!

    Nydelige farger, rå vinkel, og jeg digger bokeh'ne (hvordan skriver man det i flertall?) i bakgrunnen!

  4. nydelig bilde,og bra skrevet. Jeg for min del ELSKER høsten!! Det er så nydelig luft og masse deilige farger... :O)

  5. Ha! Made me laugh about Mario mushroom. Love the pic! :)

  6. Nydelig bilde Mette!! På vei ned fra konnerud her om dagen så vi høstblader på trærne... DET er et sikkert tegn det...!


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