Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Food Day

You hear of Recipie Monday, Tartar Tuesday, Truffle Thursdays, Feeding Fridays and all kinds of other Food-loving-blogging-days all around.
People blog about food, and they do it good.

Check for instance PioneerWoman.
or RookieCookie.
or Sweet Paul.
or just put them all together and dive hungry in to Tasty Kitchen.

Whatever you prefer.

Anyways. I like to make food, but I rarely do so.
This is not because I'm lazy, no no. It is because I live with four wonderful girls, and they make good food. :) And I work late. Too late.

Sooo ... sometimes I do make food. And when I do, I apperantly have a need to show it off to the world. So here I am - Food Blogging.

I have done it before, and I might to it again, so therefor, with no pressure, I just call it The Food Day. Whatever day of the week that might be.

I spent the previous weekend and IA's house. It was one of the better weekends. :)
She made us Parmesan Chicken.

And so I made Parmesan Chicken with Tomatas è Spring Onienz especialés.

You start off with the Tomatas. They're like tomatoes.
Chop them in pieces, whatever piece size works for you.
I do them in fours or sixes.

You boil the rice in a rice boiler. It's so simple it almost makes me cry.
I looove the rice boiler.

Chop the spring onienz!

The chicken, you know what the chicken looks like. Not necessarily nice in pictures. This is what you do:
- Put marinated chicken in
- Put food cream in, covering it
- Put tomatas and spring onion in.

Get ready to be parmesanized. And that smell is a good smell.

Shrip - shrip - shrip! All the way in. Dont smell your fingers.

Par me shaaan. Why have I never used you in food before? (I honestly havent)

Parmesan Tower.

Spread it all on top. Aaall of it.

Let it cook for a while. It gets sooo well cooked by the cream. Oh yum. :)

Ok. So it looked better while making it than in the end. But it did taste good. :)


  1. takk for tipset!! skal prøvast!

  2. SV: Jaaah! Skal du på boligmessen du og? Dritkult! :D

  3. nam nam nam!!!

  4. Det så veeeeldig godt ut!! Kommer gjerne på middag ;) hehe :D

    Har tipset om bloggen din i dag :) Du får gå inn og sjekke listen etter hvert.

    stoooor klem!

  5. ...og hvorfor var ikke jeg hjemme..?!

    Fikk smake på restene da..og fikk et lite hint av hvor godt det var..hehe, neida: var helt nydelig! Honestly! :)

    Digger deg, og digger bloggen din!

  6. Det er den beste middagen jeg har smakt på lenge! Nydelig! Retaster det nå, når jeg ser på bildene;)


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