Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dingdong - giveaway for me!

Yeah baby, they arrived! :)

Remember when I got all ego-splashing cause I won a giveaway? Well, I kinda forgot about it until last night. Because suddenly there it was, on the table. An envelope. My name so neatly written down and all.

I cant tell you how much I love Old School Post. It gives me a thrill and I always try really hard to postpone the unwrapping for as long as possible. Say 5-6 minutes.

Ohh yay, that's my name! It's for me! :D

Nicholette Fisher did such a cute job wrapping the cards in pink silk paper, with laces and a tag attached. Soo cute. :)

What's in it for meeee. I really wanna knooow (says Amy Diamond).

CARDS! (I knew that, but still .. how exciting!) :D Three of them, beautiful photos taken and signed by Nicholette. And she even including right sized envelopes, so very thoughtful. :)

No, thank YOU Simply Colette!
I love (free) cards. (:


  1. I'm almost crying -how sweet!! Both of you! Beautiful cards and beautifully written :)

  2. That's just sweet :D

  3. Anonymous7:34 PM

    Love the depth of field, lighting and color in you photos. They are all amazing.

  4. Ååå! Jeg vil også vinne no!!

    Elsker pakker i posten.. hadde bestilt no hobbyutstyr fra etsy, og det er sååå gøy selv om jeg vet hva det er!! ^^ Hehe!

  5. Hei Mette. Så flink du er til å oppdatere bloggen din. Et spørsmål: Skriver du alle engelske tekster uten å sjekke ordbok?
    Da blir jeg VIRKELIG imponert!

    Ellers søt pakke som du har fått.

  6. Takk for hyggelige kommentarer! :)

    Judith - sjekker ikke ordbok lenger, nei..- begynner å få det litt inn i fingra. ;P Men det hender jeg sjekker ett og annet ord, altså! Takk uansett. :)

  7. Thank you for the sweet post! Glad you got them! sorry it took me a few days to respond... I've been traveling on vacation. Your photos turned out great. :)


    Your recipe below looks delicious! And the cute reindeer sipping chocolate ;)


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