Wednesday, December 23, 2009

About the Car Problem

All it needed was some love.

... or gasoline.

Stop laughing.
The sheer joy of the simple and cheap solution to the problem exceeds the fact that I could've just filled the tank in the morning instead of taking the risk of driving all the way to work, and then freed myself from the oh so close frozen death.

Thanks for the prayers, everyone.


  1. Jackie12:33 AM

    Woops!!! Glad you didn't die a frozen death!!
    P.S. I just sent out your Christmas card today. Obviously it's going to get to you late...but I tried!! :)

  2. oh no, really? :D Aaw, cant believe you did that! Cant wait to get it! :) Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year, Jackie. :) (I'm hoping to see you in march ;P).

  3. Jackie1:21 PM

    I'm hoping to see you too Mette!!!!!! I'm requesting the time off as soon as we get back from Winter Break. It lies in higher powers at that point!!
    Merry Christmas Mette!

    har fulgt kalenderen din i hele desember. den er bare helt rå.
    Julehilsen fra Sidsel


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