Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Post-it Daily 22nd

Today is 22nd and also the last day at work before a good, long holiday.

I wont be back at work until the 4th of January 2010. Aah, sweet. :)

Well - about today.
I was driving my last day to work. I was a tad late as I managed to leave my wallet behind at my parents house last night, so I had to go get it this morning. The car was fine, a little out of gas maybe, just baaarely touching the red, but it was fine. My conclusion was that it would do fine the 50 minutes it takes to drive to the office, and I could fill gas on my way home instead. As I drove on the long, lifeless and dark roads the car suddenly started coughing. Coughing like a dog. I prayed out loud, - just please make it to the office, but no mercy. :/ I did have some luck though, (I always have (someone up there is looking after me)), cause the insidence took place just by a merging road, and I had some space to let my car slide into, just outside the road, but not in the gutter. The car stopped and refused to start again. The airblower, who'd just minutes before made it to warm air started blowing cold air in my face instantly.
, I thought.

I called, of course, my sweet coworker Linda and she came to my rescue.
But let me tell you, that car got cold within seconds and I'm sure Linda found me blue lipped and talking in riddles. I don't remember, - my brain was frozen.
I never want to freeze to death!

So. The car was left behind and I was snuggling inside Lindas warm car.

Now I gotta figure out how to get home, how to get the car and what was actually wrong with the stupid thing in the first place. I mean - it had enough gas, ok?!

I'm ending this story with a good thing (we all need some of that):
Holiday - I'm on my way. :)


  1. Å nei! Stakkar Mette! Også i tretten minus, da... *brrr*

  2. Haha! Den er kjiiip! Og ekstremt kaldt kan jeg tenke meg!

  3. Håvnåvv! Heldigvis at du kunne ringe til Linda.

    Husker da micra'n strekika i tunnelen. Kom noen og hjalp oss da også heldigvis. Kanskje det var en engel?

  4. Stakkar. Godt du ble henta før kulden tok deg..;O) Vi klarer oss ikke uten Mette vettu...

  5. Liv - ai rimember. :) Enn at han stoppet og dro oss ut med bare henda nesten. Må ha være en engel. :) Jeg (vi) har som regel masse flask.

  6. Kjetil2:52 PM



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