Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Post-it Daily 21st

Yesterday was 21st and my second oldest sister turned a year older.
I remember how she hated her birth date - so close to christmas, what was mum and dad thinking??
Come on!

And then she got her second child on Christmas Eve itself. ;)
(You gotta admit it's a little bit funny, Hege.)

She's so talented and creative, I used to love watching her draw and I wanted be be just as good as her. She was the first one in the family to go the creative way with school, and I just knew that that was my path aswell. Thanks, Hege. :)

Now she has the most adorable three little girls, she does decoration and house styling, interiour stuff and she paints. I hope your future is full of creative business, Heitch. :)

And I love the new house!

See her interior blog.


  1. Så koselig post :) Håper du hadde en fin dag, Hege!

  2. aw, kunne ønske jeg hadde en søster.. har fire brødre jeg... steike.

    sånne kreative greier ligger som oftest i familien :)

  3. Så koselig:) Tusen takk! Så ikke denne posten før nå jeg;) Litt å ta igjen i bloggverdnen he he.. Men nå håper jeg internett har kommet for å bli:) Gleder meg til lørdag. Jeg og jentene har fått et nytt favoritt tv-programm "fire stjerners-middag" Jeg sier ikke mer..;)


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