Monday, December 14, 2009

Post-it Daily 14th

Ten days to Christmas!

Today is Monday.
Last monday I said no days in December feels like Monday
cause all days this month are good days.

Today felt like Monday. Like really Mon - day.

I brought Work-Linda into todays post it. She asked for it.
Linda is the nices girl to share an office with. :)
She brings me coffee. But she's slacking on the chocolate.

I'm kinda sore after shoppingmarathon on Saturday.
I'm kinda tired after a weekend full of good things. :)
Thats the good part.
It was the good things that made me tired, and so it is worth it.

Still. Kinda feels lika Monday today.

AND I forgot my calendar chocolate this morning.
Which was sad this morning in the car,
but good now as I have something to look forward to when I get home. ;)

Ten days, ya'll!


  1. Kjetil6:29 PM

    Calendar chocolate is the worst chocolate there is.

    good mournday

  2. By the way, your chocolate comments made me suddenly NEED some. lol!

  3. Linda8:46 AM

    Thanks Mette :) We don`t need so much chocolate you know... But, I love it too...:P
    Have a nice day... with just the coffee..!!

  4. Linda8:58 AM

    :) Digger å jobbe med deg også Mette.. må nyte de siste dagene nå.. snufs!

  5. Oh cute :) It's true...everyone needs chocolate!


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