Monday, December 14, 2009

Post-it Daily 13th

So it happened. I missed a day.
Not that I didnt think about it or wanted to make a postit for the 13th,
I just wanted to or needed to do other things more.

Yesterday was a fine day.
It was The Saint Lucia Day, which I completely forgot about until my flatmate mentioned it about ten thirty PM.
Oh well, it was only fun when we were kids and it wasnt even fun then.

But we had Christmas Market with the church. :)
THAT was fun.

Ps. If you have trouble reading the tiny writings, just click and see it a bit bigger.


  1. What a lovely day yesterday! Stilig kjelke du kjøpte, den var rå! Blir nok mange fine turer med den i vinter ;-)

  2. Digger kalenderen din Mette. Er innom hver dag! Håper det kan stå følgende en dag: "Var i Grams Allé og slappet av ... " Det hadde vært kos ;) Hj.velkommen!! F.eks. torsdag? ;)


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