Saturday, December 12, 2009

Post-it Daily 12th

Today was suppose to be so much longer, but it went by so very quickly.
I was supposed to get some things done and I didn't.
But what I did do though, was have a great, greatgreat time at the mall with Helene, Rebekka, Mathilde and Linda.
We went shopping, we ate pizza and laughed at the waiter (and Rebekka),
we shopped some more, walking I think miles in distance.
We bought stuff at the Grene Sister, our favorite of course.
We met Susie and Julia and the others more than twice, which was nice, then we had huuuge cake, tea and coffee.
Mathilde had hot chocolate, but that tasted like iron,
so she exchanged it for a cup of tea aswell.

I ate brownie. I needed the sugar. :)

Jenter, dere er skjønne! :) TUSEN TAKK FOR IDAG!


  1. Søstrene Grene? Åh, skulle ønske vi hadde den butikker her oppe i nord :)

  2. How did I miss all these awesome post it illustrations????? What a dunce, I need to be checking your blog more often. Love 'em.

  3. sv: takk, hyggelig å høre!
    jeg eeeelsker de små tegningene dine! De små menneskene er superskjønne!

    lykke til selv ;)

  4. A nice day. :) indeed!
    Resultat: jeg er shoppe-støl i beina. Ja, faktsik! Spesielt i anklene..

    Jeg digger når du tegner små mennesker med mange detaljer. (hæhæ, lua.. hæhæ krøllene til cathrine)

  5. Breadwig - of course you need to check in here more often. ;P I'm superupdating lately! Glad you like the post its.

    Linda - jeg er shoppestøl også, faktisk verre i dag enn i går! Lua måtte jo med. ;P


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