Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Post-it Daily 16th

Every time I find myself in front of an empty blog post wondering what to write I end up with just svada and yatta yatta. Where are all my strong opinions?
Where are all the funny and weird things that happens in my life?
They all vanish the instant I am confronted with writing it down.

Hm hm. Anything today? Nah, dont think so.

Oh, but yesterday something happened that impressed me.
I wanted to draw it in todays post it, but I found it kinda hard to draw Linda with her head down in the big pot they cooked porriged in.
Cause she scrubbed it.
Do you know what burned milk looks like?
Feels like between your fingers and the scrub?
Smells like?
Linda does, just ask her.
She scrubbed the thing butt clean. Like a baby. I was so proud of her. :)
All I did was wash the thing in soap after. Easy peasy pot'n cheesy.

Who needs to be a full time mom or housewife to brag about cleaning the big pots?
Not us! We've got Activity Club cleanup!


  1. I was so proud of Linda too, I must say! Good job honey ;)

    (and we heard no complaining)

  2. Herlig tegning - som alltid! :)

  3. This is my favorite post-it so far. Love the blues.

  4. Alt ser morsomt og vakkert ut, når du tegner det,mette:O)

  5. Easy Peasy Pot 'n Cheesy? I'm going to use that in a sentence today, just in honor of you!

  6. Bryan - haha! I hope you really did! It did have a catchy schwung to it, didnt it? ;P My mind work in mysterious ways.

    Spark: yeah, I put i tiny bit more effort in this one.

    Takk, dere andre. :)
    Thea; hehe, sant! Og alt ser flottere ut og vakrere ut på bilder også. ;P Gleder meg til å lage AK-artikkel!

  7. Anonymous12:04 AM

    I love these things. =)

  8. Haha - Metz!
    Den kjeleskrubbinga kvalifiserte ikke til bloggpost egentlig.
    Men søt post-it, indeed.

  9. Jackie2:33 AM

    What about writing a song in one of your blog posts Mette?!?! You are a creative type! I bet you could come up with an awesome Christmas song!! :) Just an idea. I just like to visit you here and see how you are doing! I LOVE your pictures!

  10. Linda - klart den kvalifiserte! I mean, wow!

    Jackie - haha. Maybe, maybe. :) But I'm not sure its gonna be in english, though. ;P

  11. Hei på deg!!
    Digger de flotte tegningene dine! Har også vist dem til frøkna mi! Digger kreativiteten din:)
    Ha en fin fin 18 des.

    Klem Sissel

  12. i have been loving these daily post-its, mette.

  13. A big, big smile on my face! Lovely :D


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