Thursday, December 17, 2009

Post-it Daily 17th

My good friend Jackie commented on this post, challenging me to make a Christmas Song. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm always up for a good challenge, as long as I know I'll rock it, pop it, polkadot it.

When it comes to making silly rhymes and birthday poems, I know I can bring out a few smiles. But when it comes to making songs, articulated verses, poems that pumps your pretty little head for days after, songs stuck in your braincellah - well, then I have to hand it over to my sister. Or my dad.

So - in normal circumstances, I would say "hepp hepp, I'd do it if I could, but I can't".
But we all know December is nothing but normal and I'm all about doing good things this month.

Therefor - Ladies and Gentlemen.
I put on my finest tuned voice and give you my
Christmas Ding a Ding Song.

Ring a Ding Ding
A Christmas Song I sing

A tribute to the best time of year
When we send our love to those we have dear
And give our thanks to the Lord and His Son
Who gave us Christmas so we could have fun
Who gave us the earth, life and real love
Who meant for us all to be happy - I know

Continiuing below.
Aaaand I just realized how very similar this drawing is to the previous one.
Oh well.

And those are rabbits covering their ears. Not mishaped snowballs.


  1. Anonymous8:04 PM

    Found your blog through Janne Helen and am really enjoying your Post-it calendar! You have great talent, not only at drawing and telling a story, but also - it turns out - at songwriting :) Merry Christmas from Idaho.

  2. hehe, awesome song :) really great christmass mood coming up with it :) thanx for a smile :)

  3. Her snakker vi! Til og med julesangforfatter du.
    Få Paps til å skrive en melodi til, så er det en klassiker for fremtiden. :)

  4. Wow! Det var jo kjempebra!! Må ikke tro at jeg kan skrive noe sånt!

  5. innmari bra.. Serriøst:O)

  6. wow! Mette...seriøst! Du er dikter også! Som om det forundret meg at du hadde et talent til? ;D

    Og tegningen er jo bare skjønn, akkurat sånn som man husker bardommens jul... *drømme*

    Og ja, jeg har vært utrolig dårlig på å kommentere i det siste!

  7. Hah! Tror faktisk denne kunne blitt ne hit Mette! :p


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