Monday, January 25, 2010

Faith in a circle

A few weeks ago I recieved an e-mail from a lady named Sarah. She'd seen my blog and offered me a gift card to her jewlery shop in exchange of a little review of the product. I don't do reviews and I don't wear jewelery, and I don't believe I was unique in this proposition, so my initial thought was of course to decline it.

But then I took a look at the website, and I found a very cute set of rings. Plain rings with inprinted words like "Love" or "Faith" or "Believe". I have faith. I believe. Not in a ring I don't, but I have Faith-faith. The real Faith, believing in God and a life where I can change. I needed that ring, I thought. And I don't have a habit of saying nothanks to free stuff. I just accept it and move on. So - I accepted the offer and willingly ordered the Faith-ring. Ring of Faith.
I could write a book about it.

Anyway. I got the box in the mail a few weeks later. Do you think I remembered ordering it? Nope. So there I was with a ringbox in my hands, not knowing where (or who) it came from, slightly red in the face. THEN I remembered. ... Hahah, yes you may laugh out loud. :P

Anyway. As I breathed out, happy to be me and free, I opened the cute little blue and white box and found the ring, perfectly intact and full of faith. I ordered a size 7 cause it sounded like my size, and it was (a tad big).

Anyway. That is the ring story of my life, and I'll leave it at that. If you - dear reader - ever find yourself in need of a ring, you know where to find it.
Great ring, Sarah from
Thanks a bunch. :) It's hanging on my wall.

Les det på norsk her.


  1. Så fin ring du har fått;-)
    Litt glad det "bare" var den slags ring.. tjihi..!
    Takk for kommentar på bloggen min!
    Du skal få oker-tøfler aldeles gratis!
    Mente du forresten ballerinaene, eller de tovede som det var bilde av i en artikkel lenger ned?

    Ha en god natt, søte Muffin!

  2. jeg ler fortsatt..


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