Tuesday, January 26, 2010


A while ago, my sweet and creative sister Linda made me a muffin.

Ok, let me explain. She makes the cutest key chains in crochet and she had a few different ones that she did. But I didn't want the squid or the butterfly,
I wanted a - yes, a muffin.

She of course, said she could make one, - and so she did.
I never expected it to be so so cute! I mean - she made the whole thing by crochet; cup and dough and frosting and all.
She even added sprinkles. Ah, does it get cuter? I think not. :)

I have a thing for faces. I see them everywhere, crazylooking animals watching you from the wooden ceiling, a dog and a chicken fighting on the bathroom rubber floor, a ghost looking at you from the coffee stain on the paper on your desk, etc etc. Not to mention in the clouds! I have fun finding all these little friends in surfaces around us. It's like that one time on safari in South Africa when I saw the perfect shape of an elephant - IN ELEPHANT POOP.
Yes, just ask my sister in law.

So. Why all this talk of faces you wanna know?
Look look loook! :D


  1. Nei, så utrolig skjønn nøkkelring :D

    Likte veldig godt det siste bildet; Ooh, I got a crown!
    Digger humoren din!

    Sv; Føler (hater ordet føler, menmen) at bloggen min blir så meningsløst osv, så nå blir den ikke noe personlig dritt, bare bilder som jeg håper faller i smak :)

  2. Im loving it!
    The cutest keychain ever!

  3. Linda er dyktig!

    Du har en ting for fjes ja, men her har ikke jeg heller noe problem med å se dem. Morro!

  4. Liv: Du var i bilen den gangen på safari, ja? :) husker ikke helt. Det var vel kanskje kjetil jeg pratet med, men han har jo ikke blooogg. :)

  5. Hahaha, hilarious! I totally see faces everywhere too. Or eyes anyway. Scary, indeed!

    Love your updates! =)Linda is a genious, btw! My little squid follows me everywhere (doesn't really have a choice, considering its stuck to my keys in my bag, but aaanyway!) Hehe

    Have a lovely and victorious wednesday!

  6. Aaaah! Mette! Du blogget om den! :) Rart at den så finere ut på bildene enn den gjorde i virkeligheten da... Hoho! Bøt thank ju very much! I might steel the pictures for en samlepost om nøkkelringer. :)

  7. Jackie12:13 AM

    I love your muffin...
    And I love your muffin face!!!

  8. Ha! That is hillarious! Very Creative. I like you Muffin! Glad I found you through my cousin muffin--and, yes, who knows...maybe it is you that I'm researching in my family history...So, I'll just call you my cousin too from now on (sweet, I have 2 muffin cousins--but, yes you will be my muffin of norway cousin. I love it!) by the way, I love faces too...see them in everything as well. :)

  9. hah! that's great!

  10. That is darling! I love it. Have a fantastic weekend. :)


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