Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The sweet taste of Gold

It is sweet, isn't it?

There's no doubt the Olympics is in my head just about every other minute these days. Like I mentioned earlier, it is our thing and we looove to win. ... or yes, - at least to watch our countrymen win, yatta yatta. The pressure around the athletes this Olympic has been major and I've heard people express their feelings of dissapointment when we didn't win what we expected - but really, give the guys some slack. If we won all there is, where would the fun be? :P I love the thrill every race gives me, cause you never know the ending of it. Except with Shaun White in the half pipe, of course.

I read a piece in the Wall Street Journal today, and here's a quote:
"What makes its performance hard to fathom, however, is that Norway has only 4.7 million people to choose from. It's as if the American team finished third in Vancouver after limiting the athlete pool to people living in metropolitan Detroit."

Fathom that, norwegians. Be a little sensible and try to understand the amazing fact that little, tiny bitty Norway is in third place so far this Olympics. We are the most winning nation ever and we've got some really colorful and witty athletes who honestly make my days so much more fun.
Thank you, Øystein Pettersen and Petter Northug.

via Dagbladet

There's a new chance tonight.
Go get them, team Norway. (:


  1. Oooo jeg kjenner patrotismen har tatt sitt inntog i meg og!! Go Petter!!

  2. Må bare komme hit å joine Ronny.. Har ennå ikke blitt bitt av basillen..


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