Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Treasures in My Room #1

This is not interior advice. Just making that clear. :P

The other day my younger cousin came to visit the Tower (where I live with 4 of my friends), and she uttered: "Mette, can I look at your room pleaseplease?" I replied "Uhm, no it's messy. Why would you wanna look at it?". She then said "I peeked in the other day when I was here and you have sooo many cool things!" Really? You think so? I thought I was the only one liking all my dustcollecting stuff.
Seriously, it's a miracle I don't have astma.

The rumours got out apparantly, cause the next time we had girls over another one said
"I heard about your room, may I see it?".

My first thought of course: "This is blogable".

Let me tell you about My Room.
It's small.

Most of you probably know of my obsession with Muffins (do'h), and M's. M for Muffin, Mette, Marvelous and Mischievous. For Mom and Mom's Mom and Miracles and Mat (food). For "Mmmm, thats good" and all things Nice. Wait, that's and N. Anyway, M's are good for you.

You saw my M from Anthropologie in This Post. It's was a funny thing really, - I found this box with stuff for sale at Anthro in New York, and of course the letter M and the letter L was there. L for the Lovely Linda. The M had the most fantastic pattern in colors I loved and the L was striped and in more moderat colors
- perfect for Linda, perfect for me.

I was going to show you a different treasure in my room today, my most favorite thing, but with all this talk of M's and Anthro I figured I'd start with something in that area. Visiting the Anthro store in Rockefeller NY was quite an experience.
In the things department I found treasures. Especially in the Sales boxes. I just love things on sale that nobody else wants. It's like they're orphan objects and I want to take them home and give them a place to shine.

Like this frame. I really love frames, but this one tops them all. What is there NOT to love about this frame. It makes m
e happy every time I see it, and I see it every day. :) I'm not really a materialist girl, I just really like stuff that makes my soul go "Ah, yes - that's it."

Not only is it round and pretty in every way, it is yellow. :)
The hearts are not from Anthro, they're from another favorite store; Out of the North.
Pretty little hearts, and I really like things that pair up. Things, not people.

Oh and look! An M at the top!
Please don't mention the lovely Spain village wall painting. :P Not my pick.

Did this just become my longest post ever, or what.


  1. Hm, jeg har aldri sett rommet ditt jeg ... men jeg antar det er noe mer classy enn mitt ;P

    Jeg tar meg en tur en dag!

  2. Jeg digger rommet ditt så syyykt!! Sov der før vi Harstadjentene dro til Israel i fjord (du var i Australia).. Det var så mange kule ting å se på, at det tok sin tid før jeg sovna :)

  3. Det er nok alt for lenge siden jeg har vært på rommet ditt, for jeg har ikke sett noen av Anthro-skattene live.

    Kan jeg og lillemor komme en dag eller? Mååå ikke se på rommet ditt assa, hvis du føler ryddepress ogsånn.

  4. Eivind: Velkommen skal du være. Classy er vel ikke akkurat ordet jeg ville satt på rommet mitt. ;P

    Kaja: haha, visste ikke du hadde sovet der. ;) Moro at du likte det jaffal.

    Liv Kari - så klart prinsessa og moren hennes er velkommen! :) Jesper har faktisk sovet i senga mi en gang, det må jo Noemi gjøre også. :)
    Ryddepress? Psh. Rommet mitt er alltid ryddig (kom snart, før jeg roter det til igjen).

  5. Er det nå jeg skal blogge L'en min?

  6. Folket forventer det!

  7. Hehe, du ass.
    jeg digger deg Muff'n;)

  8. i'm in love with anthropologie! adorable room, thanks for sharing :)

  9. Nice:)
    I love your room too, it's my fave - and all though I've been in there many times, I've never actuallly seen that frame before:)

    Got to go treasurehunting, Yes I do! :D


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