Monday, March 8, 2010

Being Young - Being Free

My contribution to Caroline's contest
where you can win a Cewe Photobook from JapanPhoto. Yay! :)

A text about Being young - based on a real experience.
(I saw two white poodles running down a busy road one late evening)


The weather was nice, it was starry and cold
Winter'd been long and the spring was on hold
I sat in my car, had the radio on
And I knew the song, - I whistled along.

That's when I saw them, what is that - a dog?
Something white, soft and curly - barely visible in the smog
The two of them running and jumping around
Seemingly not bothered by the traffic and the sound

Happily bouncing around on small paws
They definitely knew they were breaking some laws
They loved being free, I could tell with one glance
That they took advantage when they got the chance

The door was left open, I can vividly see
how the little ones found they were suddenly free
The leash was not fastened, the mom not around
The time was not set for the usual round

They barked at each other and decided together
This is our chance, lets go look at the weather
Just you and me, with no mother to lead
Do we dare take a run, one barked with a glee

The first step was easy, quick out of the door
The next one as quickly, down one lower floor
Not far from the freedom, they had the same thought
This is what every dog neighbor sought

There - out on the street, we did it, on track!
They both kept on running, no time looking back
They heard someone yelling, and old woman's voice
They paused for a second, did they have a choice?

Come back little Fritzy, come back Lulu, please!
Mom's making your favorite meal with blue cheese.
And after we're going to knit while we look at
our favorite TV-show that I'm hooked at.

Just like we do every day, and has done
for years now, come on - we've been having some fun?

The two dogs that paused gave each other a look
they both knew the answer, they'd both had enough
what you love old mommy, doesn't necessarily mean
that we love the same, or that we love being clean

We want to be dogs, running round being crazy
We want to chase birds or just stretch and be lazy
We want to get messy and ruin our curls
We want to see what else hides in this world


The two dogs astray, exploring the world
was such a weird vision, their hair neatly curled.
They ran among cars, I thought - this can end crappy.
But even if they'd die - at least they'd be happy.


(I don't think they really died)


  1. Elsker det! Sinnsykt bra og kreativt skrevet... Savner å dikte, mulig jeg skal begynne med det igjen? Think soo..

  2. Hoho...:P

    Å jeg som faktisk var såå redd for de hundene å da! hehe...:P

    jaja.... at least they'd be happy!

  3. I love this Mette! Du er jo en sann poet! :)


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