Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I'm a google kind of girl.
I'm not saying this is a very unique and special way to be,
cause most of you are googlers I'm sure.

A boss I once had, thought google was the URL-line and always searched for any address he ever wanted to go to, and then clicked the first hit on the search. I once tried telling him how you're supposed to go to a website, but he'd found his way and was happy with that. Well ok, I guess google scored there.

I've always wanted to work in google, and I don't really know why. Apart from the fact that the logo is really colorful and that the employees seem to have a great deal of fun, - I don't think the actual work there is all that interesting. A search engine. Selling adWords. No, doesn't really appeal to me. But still, I just really like Google. Oh wait, the only job I'd want there has to be as the one who gets to draw all the funny versions of "google" displayed on the top of the main page whenever there's some special occasion or marked day. Like DaVincis birthday or the National Teachers Day.

Could be the fun offices too, absolutely.

Is that Tux? :D (Linux nerd alert)

My point with this post is to tell you all that I went to a Update Norway Google Seminar all by myself and I walked around high heeled and important and taller than half the men there and I got my own Google Goodiebag, my own Google notebook and my very own Google pen. I'm glowing.

Tomorrow is the annual World Cup Ski Sprint in Drammen.
My city filled with all the stars from The Olympics. How exciting! :)


  1. du har så fin blogg at du skal få noe av meg..... Se på bloggen mine.....
    sees til helga kanskje??

  2. det gøyeste er at google er det eneste fenomenet på nett som har fått sitt eget verb. just google it!

    jeg digger også de forskjellige google-logoene. noen ganger går jeg inn på google kun for å se på logoen. hvor geek er ikke det.

    apropos world-cup-sprint: come join me in the VIP-lounge! (skulle ønske jeg kunne ha med en venn)

  3. artig innlegg! Google er vår alles venn. Lurer på hvor mange ganger om dagen jeg søker opp noe der. Det må være MANGE!

  4. From what I hear and read Google is supposed to be a good place to work. I think your art on the google logos would be a good fit. Enjoy your google goodies. Do they broadcast the ski races on local tv?

  5. haha. så gøy! :)

  6. L, det har vel også Twitter greid? ;) (to twitter)

    Jeg er en Google-gutt: Google Chrome, Google mail, Google Calendar, Google Analytics, Google Maps, Google Wave ... og hadde jeg ikke hatt iPhone, skulle jeg kjøpt en Google Nexus One :D

  7. E: så sant så sant. ergelig å innrømme at du har rett..

  8. Eivind, det heter ikke "to twitter" det heter "to tweet".

    Og Google er gøy ja, men jeg er ikke like fanboy som Eivind :)

    Her kan man se alle logoene til google gjennom tidene, det er artig det:

  9. Du kunne jo meldt deg på "Doodle 4 Google", forresten. Vinnerbidragene blir brukt på Google-siden i de respektive landene konkurransen holdes.

  10. You Google-nerd....hehe just kidding-I just wish I had a google Goodiebag! :D hehe


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