Monday, March 15, 2010

Can you blame me for drooling?

Anyone recognize this little handle?

I did, immediately. I've never seen it attached to a box this big though. I almost couldn't believe the size, honestly. I knew I ordered the big one, but I never realized how big the big one was.
I admit I was a little embarrassed as I opened it.
But hey, that feeling was washed away pretty quickly by the shear, materialistic joy of opening this beauty. ;)

And yes, it looks pretty, but I'm serious when I tell you I don't love it for it's looks. I love it for it's inside. For that beautiful, clean and organized inside.

For the quick response and smooth movements, for the magic mouse and the noiseless keyboard. For that spotless screen with the amazing resolution and vivid picture. It makes my day really good.

Of course - it has nothing to do with my inner happiness. That I get from here.
And I just had the best weekend at the best place in the world with the greatest friends there is. I am blessed! :)


  1. Oooooh, nice! Gratulerer med ny Mac Mette:) så DIGG å jobbe på en spitter ny, toppmoderne Mac! Stasjonær og greier ... keep up the good work that I know you do :D

  2. oh my!!!
    takk for at du overbeviste meg til å kjøpe mac. aldri mer pc. (tror jeg)

  3. iiiih! Jeg kommer og sikler på den any day soon.

  4. ooooh, fun! =D

    (wish I could have been there!)

  5. Grattis Mette! Den så digg ut;)
    Og takk for hjelpa m logo. Magne strålte og var så fornøyd atte...;)

    Ha en flott dag i dalen;) !!!

  6. Jackie9:16 AM

    Nice!!! I love it!
    Also loved spending a bit of time with you this weekend! I only wish it were a bit longer! Thank you so much for our gifts! You are such a special friend. I hated saying goodbye in the Forum, but I'm glad it was kind of dark in there so not too many people saw me crying. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your friendship!
    Talk to you soon!!

  7. My heart is rejoycing with you, Mette! ;-) Den så ordentlig lekker ut ja.
    Fortsatt lykke til i ny jobb!

  8. lucky you! I love my macbook :)

  9. ooooooo. Jealous. They are slick.

  10. Gratulerer med Mac :)

    Forresten så så jeg nettopp at niffum er muffin baklengs, nesten sjokkert over hvor dum jeg er iblant :P HAHA


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