Thursday, March 18, 2010

Treasures in My Room #3

Click it.

I love this picture. (:
I know ... it's of a couple hugging (and probably kissing too), but it makes me happy. It's full of that jumping joy of reunion. Nothing makes me cry more than seeing people reunited. Honestly.

This photo with frame I found at some flee market and I payed about 10 kr for it (1,5$). Now that's a good price for a treasure that makes me happy, don't you think?. :)

And what in the world is better than a real, real deal real hug? That I-don't-mind-hugging-you-hug, a no-need-to-end-this-hug-right-away-hug. A hug were you let it all go. I really love those hugs. Howcome nobody hugs me like that more often? :P

Yeah yeah, I'll end the hug-talk here. Have a great day, my friends!
I'm going to a work party tonight and I hardly know a better way to spend my evening.


  1. Anonymous6:28 PM

    =) Cute picture! I wish for better hugs, too. You described it perfectly.

  2. Vil gjerne gi deg en stoOOor klem!! can you feel it...?

  3. next time I see you
    i'll give you a hug
    so hard (but kindly)
    you're squeezed like a bug!

    Web-hug from another M :)

  4. Mette! Neste gang jeg ser deg, skal du få en lang never-let-go-klem av meg, ok??? Det fortjener du! :)

  5. hehe. :)

    Crayonwings: takk for en suuuper klem på fredagen! :) Du er skjønn!

    Betty: :D Gleder meg alt! :))


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