Monday, March 22, 2010

A Good Weekend

To be honest ... it's been a bit rough working in the stable during the winter. I mean, tons of snow, horses covered in 3-4 rugs, frozen fingers, frozen water, icy wind and slippery ground - not my ideal work circumstances. But this weekend guess what!
Spring came back.

Yes, there's still piles of snow and ice, but I saw bare ground, I saw (brown) grass and mud and everywhere I sensed that lovely spring farm horse poop hay mud hair sweat bird smell. It was the smell of spring (ta-da).
My love for working at Bolstad was refilled this weekend. I'm ready for warmer times.


  1. I agree Mette!:D
    Takk for en nydelig Søndag på Bolstad:)

  2. Oh, I am so ready for spring too!! :D It's good that someone enjoys the poop-mud-sweat-hair thing! lol

  3. Men det hjelper vel litt å ta lunsjen her?? hehe... Er veldig kosli for meg vaffal! :D


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