Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Man

There's a man that fascinates me, and that man is Paul.
He walked this earth many many years ago, and he changed his own life and the life of thousands of others by what the way he lived and the letters he wrote.
I told you some weeks ago about me illustrating a folder for the musical (for children) about Paul of Tarsus, and I finished (I think :P) yesterday.
This is gonna be the last page. Paul on one of his many wanderings.
I look forward to see it all printed up. :)


  1. Anonymous5:02 PM

    It looks great! =)

  2. Looks very cool!! :)

  3. thanks, ladies. :)

  4. SÅ kult Mette! Jeg gleder meg til å se den! Og til gå rundt på Brunstad på stevnet med en brosjyre i handa og si litt sånn henslengt og tilfeldig til folk at: "Joda... det er søstera mi som har tegna vøtt!"


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