Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I, the Business Woman

I really like being at seminars.
I'm in my fourth week in the new job and the second and third monday I went to Oslo on seminars. To learn stuff. :) I love refilling my knowlegde of stuff. Stuff may come in handy, so I like knowing it when that happens. Why everyone hates school I don't understand, cause I honestly loved it. My suggestion to you school-haters out there is to try and picture yourself a few years into the future.
Picture yourself standing amongst grown ups and you are in a conversation about the important things in this world, you have two options:

you can stand there like a moron and nod your head at every wrong moment, not being able to reply to questions, and certainly not be able to ask them yourself.
You don't make a fool of yourself, cause you ARE a fool.

you can know what you are talking about (not a garnatuee of course), and you can add your thoughts on the subject and go far back in your brain and pick up those things you learned in school or in other social events.

Yes, school isn't the only place you learn stuff, but it should be one of them. If you get a good going in school, it'll be a lot easier for you to develop the pick-up-skill. And I don't mean that in a boyfriend (or girlfriend) way. I mean to pick up information that you may or may not need in the future. People around you know stuff, so use them for it. :)

.. or just google it, of course. I use a mix.

Btw. I made a fool of myself at the last seminar. :P

Story goes:
We were in the middle of a boring sequence and I started exploring my iphone. I had a few new apps and so I clicked around. The iphone has a Nike+ipod app pre installed and so I clicked it and a button said "sensor" ... so I clicked it.
If you have an iphone you may try that now.

yup. "WALK AROUND TO ACTIVATE YOUR SENSOR" boomed out into the room.
They all laughed and I turned tomato.


  1. In my opinion, you have three options:

    1. being a moron
    2. being a complete know-it-all
    3. being a moron who thinks (s)he knows it all, but infact makes a fool of her/himself.

  2. Hah that is too funny! I've had a couple of those moments during class :D

  3. Anonymous8:33 PM

    "i turned tomato". lol!!! =D That had me giggling. I didn't like learning much until a couple years after I graduated. NOW I like it. Hmmm...not sure if I was the problem or my school was. I know we both had issues. =)

  4. alternativ 4) be a moron but use your acting-skills and pretend to be smart!

    yay for allmennkunnskap og yay for smalltalk (not).

    lol @ tomato-muffin

  5. Så sant så sant, Mette! Jeg er en som hatet skolen. Men nå elsker jeg å lære nye ting... Er bare ikke like god på det kjenner jeg...;)
    Kult skrivi. Digger deg, og digger å høre om den nye jobben din. Treffer du mannen min der ofte eller? Han syns hvertfall det er ekstremt koselig å treffe deg! Det tviler jeg ikk epå...;)

    Ha en tipp topp dag videre!!!!!!
    Klem og GOD PÅSKE!

  6. Hehe, sinnsykt bra flause!! Jeg sjekket også ut den app-en, men det var heldigvis hjemme ;)

    Jeg også elsker å lære, men begynner å kjenne at jeg lærer bedre av livets lære enn av skole, desverre :-( Jeg har alltid vært sånn at jeg husker alt som blir logisk og om jeg skjønner at jeg får bruk for, og da sliter jeg ofte litt med kurs, spesielt hvis 90 % er ting jeg aldri får bruk for ...

    Anyway: digger at du har fått så bra jobb :)

  7. Hihi...
    For en fantastisk blogg jeg kom over her!! Elsker den;-)
    Håper det er i orden at vi følger.

    Ha en finfin helg!

    Klem Johanna


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