Monday, March 29, 2010

He's cool.

I spent all of saturday with this little charmer and his mamma (and pappa).
His main vocabulary consists of "yuck", "that's cool", "mamamamamama" and "jyyyyys" (light).
I tried filming him with the iphone and so I went in front of him going backwards to film him, but then he stopped, looked at me and turned around to go backwards like I did. ;P So adorable! He loved going for a walk outside and pointed to every single light source there was screeming "JYYYS!". I guess he's seen the light.

Btw - the Liverpool jacket his dad got him from England stayed on the entire day. He refused to take it off once he'd put it on. I guess it IS in the blood of boys, that extreme soccer love.


  1. Han er så søøøøt! Så koselig å få en dag sammen med den skjønne Nebofamilien da :)

    Øverst til venstre der ligner Milsen på en merkelig måte på Petter Northug. Kan det være den litt sånn skeive overleppa?

  2. jeg skulle til å skrive at han lignet på Northug faktisk! Komisk at du også la merke til det. ;) hehe, - litt attituden tror jeg. ;) Who's the king! Prins i hvert fall. ;)


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