Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I like PixelFling

Many of you've probably noticed I've got a polaroid picture on my sidebar that updates fairly often. Lets give thanks to the iphone for this. There's an app called PixelFling and it goes like this:

1. Take your pic or choose from already taken pictures.
2. Add a caption
3. Send. 

4. The blog sidebar is updated and up to date in a few seconds, and you see what I see.

My sister Linda's got one too. :) And just a few minutes ago, we shared a moment at the coffee shop.

Keep an open eye for my eye on the side.


  1. Hi and thanks for your nice comment, I like your elephant drawings also.

    Thanks for linking me in the previous post.

  2. Hihi! Æ pixelflinga dæ! :P

  3. Så gøy!!Jeg har tenkt på deg ,så dette blir spennende.Gleder meg til å se:)Sender deg snart en mail.Ha en fin himmelfartsdag!:)Klem fra Monja

  4. Anonymous5:26 PM

    cool! =)


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