Thursday, May 13, 2010

May is good for holidays!

Three of the weeks in May consists of only 4 work days.
Today is the day Jesus Christ went to heaven (and so most people take friday off too (not me :(..)). , next monday is our national day, and the monday after is part of the pentecost weekend (mondays are good days. ;))

Have a great, long long weekend! My countdown to Karpathos says 2 days, 14 hours. Oh yeah. :)


  1. And don't forget the first of May! It makes the challenging job of ordering food for 240 even more challenging, dodging all the non-delivery dates and stock-piling in advance! :D Have an awesome trip!!

  2. Ah, gladinlegg; det liker vi!

    Så sykt sjarm med langhelg, og blir stas med 17. mai igjen, som alltid!

    Ha en nydelig helg du også, Muffin =)

  3. Teresa: hehe, true! :) Too bad first of May came on a saturday this month. ;P Thanks, I will surely enjoy some vacation time! :)

    Astrid: takktakk, du også! :) blir helt ok å feire 17.mai på stranda. ;)

  4. Næmmmen;) Syns det er noe kjent med de to på benken der ja... ;)


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