Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday Inspiration

are good days
like any day
are good in ways
you can't imagine
so please don't say
that monday may
be bad today
just because 
monday lays
first in week 
of all the days
it didn't pick 
it's turn in line
so treat your monday 
like I treat mine.

Happy Love Your Monday Day, friends. :)
I just made that day up. But why not today?

I don't have a drawing or a photo today. So Monday inspiration is from SeeSaw. It's about to become my most visited link, cause I love all their inspirational posts! Like Really. Don't you love that chair? Come here, book. I wanna read you in that chair.

How beautiful is it? VERY much beautiful! ;) 
via SeeSaw and Atlanta Homes Magasine and home decor boutique Pieces.  


  1. Skal ta dette innlegget til etterretning ;)

  2. nice dikt:))
    Bare å bli med å gå tur en kveld. Si fra når du har tid.


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