Friday, June 18, 2010

Ode to Summer

Summer, I miss you
as you were in my childhood years
always warm
and with grass growing wild
ready for cutting and waking to that sound

Summer, you presented yourself
everyday with sun
every day inviting for a dip in the pond
everyday inviting for a barefoot run
Summer, I hid under my blanket for hours 
cause of the bumble bee flying around my room

That's how I miss you
when I knew the days were so long
so free
and so wonderful
Rays of sunshine pouring through leaf filled branches
as amazingly summerly
as making snow angels is winterly

I miss you fresh and airy
goose bumps ice cream caused
running lightly cheering for passing trains
we had one and to, three
infinite 8 weeks
more than 50 days of pure freedom
an eternity laying in the field with flowers
and teddy shaped clouds above
vacation just as vacation was made to be

Summer, when do we meet again?

Pictures from yesterdays trip with the boat out in the fjord. 
Shrimps and white wine, a swan and the sunset. 
Lovely. :)

Poem by me, translated from norwegian from this post last year:
Ode til sommer.


  1. Nydelig sommerinnlegg, Mette. Du får ta en summerly grillings hos oss en kveld da, vettu. :)

  2. Holy Mackerel! I would love to see a bigger version of these photos, especially the swan one. So purely awesome.

  3. Akk og ve, for en sommerstemning. I både dikt og bilder. Flinke Mette :)

    Hvem sin båt? Forresten, klar for en Nøtterøy rundt igjen i sommer eller?

  4. Liv Kari - Petters båt. :) Tøffer gjerne rundt i Stokkes skjærgårder i sommer! :D Helt klar. :)

    Bryan - thanks. :) Too bad they're only taken with the iphone. :P

    Thea - helt klar for det. :)

  5. Anonymous4:42 AM

    Love peeking at your blog! Your creations are truly wonderful and your writing ever so nice to read!:) I so agree with this poem - I was just lamenting the same here. Can we run back and enjoy it? Just one more time?!? :)
    Love, Verba

  6. Thanks for the nice comment, Verba! :) Always happy to find new readers.

    Summer will never feel quite the same, will it. :) Hope you have a great one still, though!


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