Thursday, September 16, 2010

My post-it problem

Sitting at the desk all day means I have a lot of post its around, and yes - I use them well. Remember my post-it-calendar? Well expect one this year too. ;) 

I take notes when I'm on the phone, attache them to papers with messages, leave marks in a pile of paper where the important stuff is and of course: doodle all over them. What else would an illustrator girl do, right? I'm proud of the doodling, it makes me feel creative. Except for when my boss asks for a certain note and it's all covered in circles, hearts, flowers, faces and dots. :P 

Here's a clean one from the other day. :) 


  1. Du tegner så utrolig bra!

  2. Takk, Caroline. :)

  3. Susan K.5:14 AM

    haha!! i do that all the time with post its too!! except they're never anywhere near as good as that ;)


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