Tuesday, September 14, 2010

When a good friend gets older

Muligens teit at jeg laget kortet ditt på engelsk. ;P lol. Tenkte ikke på det engang. 
Uansett. Linda. :) Jeg skal ikke legge ut her om hvor glad jeg er i deg og hvor mye jeg setter pris på vennskapet vårt, jeg skal bare legge ut dette kortet og si GRATULERER MED DAGEN! Gleder meg til å bo med deg. :) 
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  1. Well, the thing is - I have never met you in "real life" - at least I don't think I have...(have I ?)
    So I didn't know if you wanted me commenting on your blogs - though I am here almost every day, if not twice a day, and believe I am one of your most avid followers!
    I enjoy your art!
    And your thoughts!
    And your stylistic style.. etc etc etc

    SO now I left a comment :)
    Have a good day on the other side of the ocean!

    Roshini Sacra,

  2. Supernice kort til en supernice jente!

  3. Tusen takk for blog-kort og ekte kort :) Og for at du ville komme på middag og sånn..

  4. Roshini - I was very happy to read your comment! :) Definitely want you to let me know you are reading even if we havent properly met. I do know who you are though, and James spent some time in Drammen some years back. :) You are more than welcome to leave comments whenever you want, and thank you so much for being one of my most avid followers. ;) I appreciate it!

    Hope all is well at your place and I wish you a blessed day. :)

  5. We all love her! <3

  6. Så koselig kort :)Du er flink,Mette!


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