Thursday, October 21, 2010

Being 8 years old

About time I posted some drawings again. I clicked the drawings label and was shocked to see that only a few posts down the christmas post it calendar of 2009 started, which means I've barely posted anything I've drawn this last year. Hm, no - it actually means I've hardly been drawing it all. That's horrible. :P

So - here's a few quick drawings I did for a book project that didn't work out. I was asked to illustrate a small boy, age 8. To be able to draw him in different postures and with different expressions, I needed to make something special AND easy to draw, and I was happy with how he turned out (the ears in particular ;)). 

And no, I can't do noses. :P Not even my smilie's got noses. :/


  1. Hilde2:10 PM

    I like him :)

  2. Så skjønn har er da, flink du er, blir imponert jeg! :-)

  3. Fin liten type :)
    Og ha en fin fortsatt fin kveld!
    Lena :)

  4. Og veldig fin tegning på profilbildet ditt!!! En god strek :D

  5. So cute! Daniel gets annoyed with me when I draw smiley faces without noses! lol! I think it works on your little guy, here, though! he's cute!


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