Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New - and Blessing Street

My favorite webpage just renewed it's look, and I like it. :) I like how more articles can be featured, it's easier to find your way around, and it's clean and simple and the content can shine for itself. I don't just love this site because I'm christian, - I love it because in every article, every film, every song - there's something for me. It's not preaching the gospel, it's learning a way to live your life that will make you undeniably happy. Really, you can't deny it. :) 

Visit the new

And may I please just suggest one film? It'd be this one. It has no dialogue, so it's understandable in all languages. Bless others, and you will be blessed yourself. Simple life motto, but so effective!


  1. kjetil1:17 PM

    I love it too! Both the film and the website :D

  2. Likte også nye + den filmen er så bra!

  3. We watched that film three times yesterday. Again. Love it!

  4. Oi, har den filmen kommet på YouTube! Yes! Elsker den!


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