Monday, October 18, 2010

The crisp sound of Autumn

This sunday was our perfect end on the very short autumn in Norway. Seriously - we have summer then pangautumnPANGWINTER. One week of autumn given to the norwegian people. I wish it would last longer. The crisp air, crunchy leaves, the smell of burnt grass, the colorful world with the colorful trees and the people all covered in lovely wool, blinded by the low sun - but enjoying it oh so much. This sunday was perfect, sun was shining and air was crispy as ever - ... aaaand there we were, with boxes and boxes with clothes and stuff lying around our appartment waiting to be cleaned up.
Yes, the weather won. :) 

Behold my lovely roomie the Lovely L. :)


  1. Herlige høstbilder. Gleder meg veldig til å besøke dere. :)

  2. Gleder oss til besøk, Thea! :):)

  3. Fantastic photography! Cheers for stopping by my blog!


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