Friday, August 27, 2010

Every book has a story

During lunch break today we chatted about when we learned how to read and I started to think about myself at kiddo stage. I read a lot. Books gave me soo much joy. I could read for hours straight, days after days - it's a miracle I didn't turn into a geek (oh woops) with glasses (no offence) and zits (uhm), friendless and unfriendly, carrying my books with a tight grip and scowling over the pages for monsters and wizards and evil human beings. I turned out rather great. ;) Phew!

Anyway. I don't read as much anymore, but I love books just the same. And all book lovers know what I talk about. That's why I love this publication of the Jane Austen book from Anthropologie. And my little notebook (unused still) from Metropolitan Museum of Art shop in New York. And my moleskins from Tate Modern in London. I love notebooks. I buy a lot of them, but I don't use them cause I save them for something special. Typical me. What special is going to happen, Mette? Yeah, exactly. Start using them!
And HAPPY WEEKEND everyone! :)
I'll be going to the flee market tomorrow. Books, I'm coming to save you from certain death.


  1. hehe.. tenk så mye vi satt med nesa i en bok, men vi turned out pretty great, didn't we?! ;)

    forslag til sunt godt til kaffen: speltlompe med litt smør, sukring (dette må du kjøpe!) og kanel. Blir som lompe med sukker og kanel, men med bedre samvittighet ;D

  2. See you at the flee market.. Første mann til mølla.. ;)


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