Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pretty Wants

Firstly: a BIG thank you to the sweet Monja of Sweet Memories for making this lovely post about my blog. :) Thank youuuu! 

I'm finding so many wants lately. After we all started blogging (yeah, we all do it), there are just too many sources out there for good inspiration and showing off amazing design and shops etc. I never ever knew there'd be this many (of course I knew I just never thought I knew about them all). The worst part is living in Norway, being the most expensive country to ship to of them all I guess. ;P But then again, probably a good thing for my wallet! "Window Shopping" just got a whole new meaning. Screen Shopping. I love it, it's really cheap (yet time consuming). I can't even count the number of times I've clicked "add to basket" on item after item, collecting stuff I really want and then exiting the window and forgetting all about the shop (I'm sensible that way). 

So. Here's another shop I would have liked to have had in the neighbourhood, but is glad that is far far away. ;P

They've really, really understood the concept of colors. I mean ... just have a look. Mhm!

Look at the cushions. Look. At. The. Cushions.!
Look at the ball!

I found this through my favorite inspiration blog: SeeSaw
I love you, SeeSaw girls. 


  1. Hei, så Monjas innlegg om deg, og måtte sporenstreks ha de fine tegningene og innleggene på blogroll'en min! Bare imponert over hvor fort du fant ut det!? Skal sette av litt tid en dag og lese bakover, bakover!


  2. Hoho. You've got some fans :)
    Egentlig så heter det vel havesyke, menneh ;) u trenger det jo til ny leilighet så vi kaller det nødvendigheter. Like nødvendig som starterkit fra Ikea. Vi trenger puter til daybed - im just sayin'.

    Lol @ nienie i dag.

    hilsen linda på kurs med mindre verandaleppe

  3. oh yeah. :) likte den oppsummeringen. det er investering i fremtidens velvære!


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